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Foreword by:
Dr. Narendra Singh Rathore,
Deputy Director General (Agricultural Education)
Division of Education, Krishi Anusandhan Bhawan - II
New Delhi - 110012, India
E-mail: [email protected]

Foreword by:
Dr. K. V. Prabhu,
Joint Director (Research)
ICAR - Indian Agricultural Research Institute
New Delhi - 110012, India
E-mail: [email protected] 

 Message from the desk of ICAR National Fellow

Journey from the day one to till-date, on my part since my selection as National Fellow (2011); has been quite eventful, treaded with rich and diverse experiences, through numerous ups and downs. In the process, I’ve enriched my strength, succeeded in showing my stance for the betterment of research in termite R&D, it’s possible eco-friendly management in light of sustainable agriculture development of the nation. Subsequent to a series of scientific experimentation, scrutiny, relevant publications and deliberations, the present dedication, national website www.termitexpert.icar.gov.in is another contribution to the fraternity of entomologists in India from our National Fellow Project. 

Today, India is at the cross-road on the context of current global climate change. Alarmingly, adding to the complex pest scenario in the Indian subcontinent, climate change complicates the situation still worse. In a country like ours, where protection is much more important than production technology (as quoted by Dr S Pradhan), this is of pivotal importance. Convincingly, the mounting evidences, indicates how termites are important in our day-to-day life. Unfortunately, many know these tiny insects as menace to us. Ironically, they are ecosystem engineers, their positive role far exceeding the negative side. Nevertheless, in agriculture, and forestry they are out-door pests and indoor pest in building. Their management is warranted quite often by the common public, for which a website is lacking in Indian context till-date. This contribution is hoping to fillip this gap. Hope, this piece of creation would be a positive step in this context. 

Part of this website comprised abstracted contents of a galaxy of articles of eminent researchers of national and international repute. As creator, compiler, and editor of this website my job was more on sticking on to an even style, format and frame. I am grateful to the authors of many scholastic writings on termite R&D. I do place on record the suggestions and help rendered by my seniors, colleagues and friends in bringing this site to daylight.  We are indebted to Deputy Director General (Education), ICAR, Director (IARI) and all Joint Directors of Research, Education and Extension for their constant support and suggestions helping in reaching this target timely.  

Soulful support in editing, drafting parts of this website by Dr. Debajyoti, Mr Murari, is sincerely acknowledged. The untired technical expertise extended by my staff in designing the website is acknowledged. I will surely fail my duty, if not remembering the inspiration and cooperation extended by my family members - my sons (Mohit and Shivansh), wife (Madhumita), mother (Shantilata), elder brother (Santosh) and sister (Pupanjali) and many more not to name.   

We feel, our attempt to attain fruition, only if the content of this volume could evoke desirable reflections to the policy makers, scientific community, students, farming community and the home-owners on termite issue, and we do hope this website would serve as a ready reference of the recent developments in the entomological research vis-à-vis the global trend. 

Sukhi Kisan, Bharat Mahan.

Gagan Kumar Mahapatro
National Fellow ICAR & Principal Scientist (Entomology) 
ICAR - Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, India

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