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Termite attack in Dams/ Dykes

Termites pose great threat to dams and dykes and this has been reported from various corners in the world. In the south east Asian country, Vietnam, sixty four species of termites have been reported from dam sites, majority of which were found belonging to family Termitidae: Isoptera. In India, dam sites are under scrutiny for termite attack since long. Hirakud dam on Mahanadi river at Odisha was reported to be attacked by termites in 1960s. Under purview of ICAR-National Fellow Project, field survey in 2012 at Hirakud dam could also reveal termite infestation in that area.



  • Elevation of base area of dam has been suggested.
  • Extermination of termite colonies from the dam site and nearby areas is highly recommended.
  • Control of termites belonging to Odontotermes and Macrotermes is recommended as remedial measure.
  • Monitor closely the termite mounds and seasonal termite swarming pattern in the dam/dyke areas.
  • Expert and professional advises are to be taken in case of infestation.


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