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Camellia sinensis, commonly known as tea, is one of the most important cash crops in India. Owing to its high quality and flavor, Darjeeling and Assam tea grown in West Bengal and Assam fetch huge amount of foreign currency every year. In southern India Nilagiri tea grown in Tamilnadu also has a good economic prospect. Being grown in humus soil, this crop suffers a lot from termite attack. Termites affect both root and trunk parts of this crop causing eventual death of the plants.


Imidacloprid 20EC (@ 20 ml/10 liter of water) or Imidacloprid 200SL @ 4 ml/10 liter of water can be sprayed to control termite infestation. 


IPM  in cotton involves using all available techniques for managing pest populations with the aim of reducing pesticide use while maintaining profitability, yield and fiber quality. Multifarious problems of changing rainfall pattern and temperatures during cotton crop growth and development, emergence of alternate cotton pests such as mealybugs, mirids, cotton leaf curl virus, resistance and resurgence of sucking pests to insecticidal measures and suboptimal suppression of lepidopterous larvae especially Spodoptera litura and pink bollworm by the Bt transgenics are the plant protection associated issues on Bt cotton.

In isolated cases, termites may be a problem, and if so, cotton IPM should tackle the termites as well.

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