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Borate Technology

Borate technique
Borate refers to the compounds containing boron and oxygen, usually naturally exists in the form of sodium and calcium borate. Owing to high toxicity of this compound towards termites, borate treated wood proves a stronghold against termite attack (The Ohio Department of Agriculture - Pesticide Regulation - Certification and Training Section, 2007). Many scientific reports revealed that building materials treated with borate provide good control against termites. In northeastern Indian state Sikkim, bamboos are widely used as building material. As bamboo does not have any natural durability against termites, treatment with borate provides them the much needed protection against termite attack. Use of Boron based termiticides showed good result against termite infestation when experimented. Forest Research Institute (FRI, Dehradun), India has recommended use of borate compounds for wood preservation in the form of BCCA (Borated CCA) and ACZB (Ammonical Copper Zinc Borate). Limitation of this practice involves the leaching of chemical into soil. As a result this treatment is recommended for the structures above ground level.

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