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Urban Structures

Termites are abundant though diverse in most parts of India. As natural habitats are gradually replaced by urban and agricultural activities, its pest status is increasing. Varied degrees of timber damage by termites in dwellings have been observed in India. However, there are no estimates of the economic losses specific for urban dweelings. As per an estimate (newspaper, The Hindu), at least 5% of Indian households need termite treatment.

The dominant wood destroying termites in India are Coptotermes heimi, and Heterotermes indicola. They are found to attack urban structures severely. Other subterranean termites are found around household premises may cause damage to buildings. Termites (H. indicola) was recorded even in the 10-12th floors of flats in Delhi (Dwarka area), 3rd floor of Buildings in Jammu Tawi township. This indicates that H. indicola is a difficult termite species to tackle, its life cycle and multiple queens with satellite nest provision made this a complicated species to control effectively.


A Badminton court mat infested by termites, new wooden court treated with insecticides is ready to be installed - IARI Faculty Club


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