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This website has been specially designed keeping the need of farmers in mind to provide them maximum information on sustainable termite management in a single platform. Termites attack a wide range of crops nation-wide and in various stages, resulting huge economic loss to farmers every year. Management practice involves use of chemical termiticides for fast relief, even though detrimental for long run. Lesser explored areas include use of various ITK and green management (deploying natural enemies) in this aspect. We present here a holistic solution of termite problem to farmers by compiling necessary scientific management measures and guidelines. Farmers can visit the following menus with special attention and utilize the scientific information and recommendations given in this website for termite management as per their requirement. 
The useful menus are as follows:

  • Management

  • Technologies

  • Termiticides

  • ITK

The “e-clinik” provides free consultation to farmers as ONE-STOP SOLUTION for any sort of termite problem in their crop. Farmers can furnish necessary information and send it across to the website authority. On receiving, their problems may be replied with necessary scientific consultancy support.


The problems that homeowners face due to termite attack, has been dealt with care while configuring this website. Homeowners suffer mammoth loss over termite problem, sometimes up to abandon of entire village. Economic loss owing to termite problem in homes and constructions has now engulfed a huge part of economy in many countries worldwide. In this website various scientific information and research outputs have been compiled and presented in different forms to hand over maximum remedial and supporting literature approved by Government agencies in this aspect.
Homeowners can pay special attention to the following menus to get a quick understanding of how to tackle termites in their premises:

  • Management

  • Technologies

  • Termiticides

  • IS standard of termite management

  • Guidelines issued by Railways for termite management


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